Simply Living Silver

Simply Living Silver is a group is for mature couples who enjoy a special friendship with other like minded couples.

The group has monthly events for members and guests to enjoy themselves and get acquainted.

We at Simply Living Silver are all about friendships, and if you are looking for a friendship with benefits, than you have found the right group to be a part of!

If you are a mature COUPLE and are interested in the lifestyle and would like to be a part of a large group with over 7000 couples. Please apply for membership or write us with your questions. 

Please provide us with information about yourselves. You can start with providing any lifestyle websites you belong to as a couple. Also, any other information you feel is important to assure us, you are a couple in the lifestyle.

Single males and/or single females need not apply. With pre-approval we will consider singles occasionally and only when sponsored by a member couple.  

Thank you for stopping by, 

Simply Living Silver

E-mail Questions:  [email protected]

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